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by Justin Engebregtsen

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Ozaukee Interurban Trail Advisory Council  

Logo Information

Check out the Newly Designed Logo!

June, 2002

A logo has been designed for the Ozaukee Interurban Trail! The logo is in the shape of a historic interurban rail car that operated on the right-of-way that is now being recycled for use as a multipurpose trail.

Three of the permitted uses on the trail, bicycling, running, and skiing, are displayed in the windows of the interurban rail car. The diamond on the bottom of the rail car is reminiscent of the logo for the interurban rail company. The Milwaukee Electric Lines nameplate on the top of the rail car will display the name of the community the trail is passing through in the county.

The logo will be incorporated into the signs along the trail. By looking at the logo, users of the trail will instantly be able to tell the community they pass through.

The Logo for the Ozaukee Interurban Trail


Thank you to all the members of the logo design committee who assisted in the creation and design of the logo. Logo design and artwork was done by Alice Struck, a local artist and Ozaukee County resident.

Logo Committee

  • Andrew T. Struck

  • Katherine Smith

  • Al Krier

  • Ron Heinritz

  • Terry Mooney

  • Bruce Godwin

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